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other allied mutual communication

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Show, the coming 5 years, China will provide 20,000 training quotas that unite mutual communication reate a proposal before lm with each other for periphery nation.Report on November 8 according to the Ai thin agency, Chinese President Xi is near even to mean on that day, China supports, USD 40,000,000,000 establishes the Silk Road fund with strengthenthe Silk Road follows a line region of infrastructure construction, push Asia of with each other allied mutual communication.This is the new plan that is Chinese to generously share its economy growth achievement.China put forward other finances and trade to stimulanow, big part in the region covered for also included Central Asia south second, rebuilt ancient trade passagethe Silk Road by nike lebron 12 menssupport, the trade of China and Middle East launched through this passage in the past.The Xi is near even to meet Bangladesh in the guesthouse of Senkaku Islands on the 8th, Laos, Cambodia and Mongolia leadering of country, Burma, Pakistan and Tajik Si Tan etc. nation point out, the Silk Road fund will develop for infrastructure, resources, the industry cooperate to cooperate to etc. item to provide support with finance.So far still not clear the Silk Road fund would ever luck camp, when start business and headquarters establishing where.But medium report to call, China will particularly strengthena take(the Silk Road economy takes) all the way(in 21th century sea silk

The road of silk fabric)construction, build to cover Central Asia and the highway of southern second region and railroad, port and airport.Is another to report on November 9 according to economic Japanese news, China is accelerating to concentrate on the realizationthe Silk Road economy takes to conceive.Hold in Peking on the 8th of take part in concerning the nation of meeting up, China puts forward to support USD 40,000,000,000 to establish a fund and helps the infrastructure construction of related region.Plus take our country as center to establish of Asian infrastructure investment bank, China is making use of abundantnike air max 2015 uk funds strength the enlargement is to the influence of peripheral region.Chinese President Xi is near even with not Pacific Asia through matched the member's Bangladesh etc. country's mastermind of organization(APEC) to hold talks.He combines to appeal the constructionthe Silk Road economy takes andin 21th century sea the Silk Road.Report to call, pass the margin that Asian infrastructure invests bank to plus the Silk Road fund again, China will with more ability the way of direct participation carry on funds to help.China intends to make use of abundant funds strength and build up not easy drive American will is the or so economic area.To China, EU is the biggest trading partner.China also hopes to to build up influence in the region that connects with each other with EU, ensure

From Middle East and Central Asia import the conveyance circuit of resources.On top of that, China wants to support to be been stranded to the stateowned business enterprise of local productivity excess to walk out.Report to say, there are Chinese medium being called the infrastructure diplomacy of Xi near even leadership layer Chinese version Matthus' plan.The United States helps Europe to carry out an economy recovery after the World War II ends, the Western European countries makes use of influent huge sum of U.S. dollar to purchase supplies from the United States.Result U.S. dollar extensively circulates in the world and accelerated the progress that U.S. dollar becomes foundation currency.The infrastructure diplomacy of China will also increase Reminbi to trade with the usage in the investment in Asia, and urge Reminbi to become the strategic benefit by association nike lunar hyperdunk 2014 cheaptogether of international currency.Is another to report on November 8 according to Wall Steet Journal website in the United States, Chinese President Xi is near even to mean on that day, China will note to support toward the Silk Road fund USD 40,000,000,000 to promote the trade and transportation contact in Asia.The analytical personage says that the Silk Road fund and Asian infrastructure invest bank the aim is letting China become Asia to trade and the center of transportation, and ensure that large building in China and engineering company acquire more opportunities.India Times website said on November 9 that Chinese President Xi is near even to declare to invest on the 8th

Make reference to news

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It is some to experiencedly leader to compare a possibility to slightly show shortage.So he governs some administration projects in initial stage seem didn't after deep consideration.I had an opportunity to just carry on confabulation with president Obama and made sure him this time will feel sincere the attitude of devotion to go to China.Therefore, watershed that may become two country relations very much in the line in China of this time Obama become two nations, two kinds of systems to truely concentrate on the new point of departure that carries out common goal together.Make reference to news:The middle being just ending is electing, Republican party with one action won the election of Senate and House, you thought this will to the political ecosystem creation of the United States how of influence, may how influence a Central America bilateral relation?Radicle Xin Ge:Obviously was the front door that Republican party government knocked to open China in those early years.Participate in nike air max thea saleleadering of foreign affairs in Republican party, include me, for relate to problems to all have same viewpoint to China.I and front Secretary of State comfortable Er Ci, front Secretary of State shell gram, front the national security business assistant Si test a gram of Luo's man general especially all determinedly support pass by the policy of 40 in the last yearses.So, president Obama can walk very far in the aspects of pushing a more close US-China Relations, his affirmation will get Republican party diplomacy government

Support of the plan team.Lately a Chinese government makes a show of diplomacy intelligence reference news:How do you evaluate lately a Chinese whole performance for leadering?Particularly is a their processing toward the diplomacy problem and the China-U.S. relations?Radicle Xin Ge:More than 40 in the last yearses, since chairman Mao, I have been lucky and meeting in leadering of China.They all have the tallest leadership cultivated manners and reflect again at the same time they the different stage of Chinese history of body place.From the revolution period, arrive chairman Mao unified new China, arrive Deng nike air max 90 hyperfuse onlineXiaoping's reform period again, the generation connects generation.But the Xi near even chairman is again a new phenomenon now, because his leadership actors of one troupe member heel before compare with come more diversified.He is full of confidence to own policy, and powerfully carry out.I was also lucky to once see incumbent leadership actors of one troupe of member, they are really very diligently pushing forward reform progress, and I believe that they will succeed, this reform will also be like before similar have important history of meaning.For relate to with the United States of processing, these leader to express intelligence and new idea.Expressing standpoint and position of China is their jobs, while they expressed in implementing this job outstanding technique and Ren

Sex.I visit China to American president Obama very optimistic.Make reference to news:In China, you are called old friend, and you once said as well by yourself, China has already become one part that you live, so at the moment, visit China eve at president Obama, you have what want to say to China and Chinese people?Radicle Xin Ge:Half over several centuries, my big part life all and China close connect with each other.Whenever make some progresses, I will take tremendous interest, highly the devotion is among them.The China-U.S. relations is placed in a starting point of new period now, I wish to wish it to develop to nike air max 1 ukhope that Chinese people are successfully his/her own nations and effort that people welfare in world does to obtain smoothly and also success.Made reference to a news net to report outside Mei to say on November 10, Chinese President Xi was near even will ascend to declare in strengthen an allied mutual communication colleague's relation is with each other host's colleague's dialogue, China supports USD 40,000,000,000 to establish the Silk Road fund.Report on November 8 according to the tower Si agency, the Xi is near even to be willing ascend to emphasize, China will follow the line national infrastructure etc. item to provide the hurl margin support fora take all the way, and Asian infrastructure investment bank will unite to play important role in the mutual communication construction with each other in Asia.The Xi is near even to return form

spreadly thinks that the strategy

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USD 40,000,000,000 are used for largethe Silk Road plan that the construction pierces through Asia.The plan of declare that APEC that is just when leadered by American president Obama and other nations and the region to take part in leaders before informal meeting convene, this time meeting strengthens a discussion infrastructure construction affair in region.Report to call, this plan declares of the opportune moment is rather meaningful.China is battling out the leadership right to the Pacific Asia district with the United States in the organization.The external world widespreadly thinks that the strategy being Peking the the Silk Road economy takes andsea the Silk Road in 21th century plan of China raises Cuo to make return Asia of the United Statesnike air max 2014 sale by leading long and develop the project of the Silk Road through Afghanistan.Medium new agency New York gives or gets an electric shock after president Obama arrives Peking on November 10, essential medium in American the region announce several articles, deep concernthe meeting of Xi Ao.The article of New York Times said that Obama's three days, the center of gravity of route of travel is Xi Ao meeting that holds in Great Hall of the People on Wednesday.Obama will face a just in the determinedly anti- Fu, push forward China of economic reform to leader.The report said that the United States predominance of across economic colleague of Pacific Ocean's relating to agreement don't include China, therefore Obama gives to win

The main trade proposal of country is a lately bilateral investment pact.American industrial and commercial circles treat this pact as Xi near even how reform the sign of Chinese economy.Is beautiful medium trade national the committee president of association Fu strong boon(JohnFFrisbie) said, American commercial circles was careful optimistic to this.At the same time, the investment makes an agreement up of the progress may decelerate a China-U.S. relations in of other friction, for example the nike air max 2014 saleblack guest attackstone etc..CNN(CNN) also points out that the network safety etc. sensitive topic to all include in the agenda of Xi Ao meeting.CNN quoted from the expert's words to say, Obama and Xi was near even to make use of this the APEC summits for holding in Peking to deepen mutual comprehension.The Wall Steet Journal said that Obama and Xi is near even to discuss a series of topic, include the trade, weather variety and network safety, East China Sea and south china sea problem and Hong Kong problem.Combine the arrangement of revealingXi Ao will to include medium south china sea stroll, private dinner and dessert.The blessing gram Si news(FOX) thinks then that Obama declares Central America two country extension visa term of validities to embody actively bright one side of a China-U.S. relations, but be like human rights and trade the tough problem of etc. then hides under the surface and reflect Central America two greatest economy solid

The road isn't flat before the body.FOX quotes from Obama's words to say, hope China successful.We indeed have a competition, but also look for a cooperation in the very big scope, at the same time opportunity.The United States pay attention to the employment opportunities that Obama's this trip can bring American people more today.The report adduction talking of Obama said that the hoping to Central America strengthen cooperation brings the United States more employment posts.For this, Obama declares that the extension Chinese leave for beautiful visa term of validity.The White House means that the new visa nike air max 1 saleagreement will infuse into for American economy to count USD 1,000,000,000.Till 2021, Chinese visitor will contribute about USD 85,000,000,000 for American economy annually and increase 440,000 employment opportunities.@Zhang Yi Zheng method Wei emanativereport by one's own tiny Bo.The lord beats evening before last, Zhang Yi municipal services method in Gansu Wei officer the tiny hair said, the Wei publicity department married minor course grew Wang Xing He and several opposite sexes to have sexual behavior.After being brief to cause a net friend to round a view, this tiny Bo is deleted.To this, Zhang Yi municipal services method Wei said, Wang Xing He be should the managing person of tiny Bo, the above tiny Bo is suspected the party concerned the husband and wife fight in anger BE.Wang Xing He then tells south all reporter, the tiny Bo numbered account is stolen, report a contents to fasten to fabricate rumor.Has been been in less than a day

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